STUDIO43 – that is Jörg Fuchs, a passionate full professional in kitchen planning for more than ten years.
He is both trained carpenter and merchant. He has an eye for details in your ideas and conceptions: whether it is your individual wishes, structural conditions or costs. No matter if new or old building, reconstruction, extension or replacement.
He is supported by Christine Feselmayer. She has worked in the furniture and kitchen world since 2004 and has already planned kitchens for over 10 years. In STUDIO43 she is responsible for logistics, ordering, technical processing of orders and customer care.

Jörg Fuchs

Christine Feselmayer

Part of our daily work is to advise each customer individually and above all honestly. We do not try to talk you out of anything just to sell something. If we are of the opinion that a certain solution is not the right one for you, we will also tell you our concerns. This means that we name advantages and disadvantages very clearly and then find the best variant for your kitchen. This applies to materials for worktops, spatial planning or even technical appliances. No two STUDIO43 kitchens are alike. First we listen carefully, ask what you want, how you want to work in your new kitchen, how the household is set up and much more.

Furthermore, we are always very open with our customers. This not only includes planning discussions, but also price negotiations, which in our case do not mutate into negotiations at a bazaar. We do not work with fantasy discounts and do not put anyone under pressure: You alone decide when and whether you want to sign a sales contract.

Because we are passionate about kitchen design, we can realise your kitchen without limits. In Bavaria, all over Germany, all over Europe and, on request, anywhere else in the world. That too is part of our philosophy: Making the feasible possible. Do you have extraordinary design concepts? You have a difficult room, an unusual idea and wishes that no one else can fulfil? Bring it to us! You will be amazed at what we can make possible, because we love challenges! With our partner companies, we have an incredibly wide range of possibilities and are only satisfied when you are.

An essential part of our attitude contains an elementary important term: Quality! Whether furniture, appliances, worktops, accessories or our network of fitters. The minimum requirement is – high quality. This also means that we unfortunately cannot offer kitchens under 15,000 €: Quality has its price.


In October 2016 (the exact date is unfortunately no longer known) Jörg Fuchs and Georg Roth decided to open their own kitchen studio for high-quality and design-oriented kitchens in Munich.